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Example : latitude = -5.25369871 , longitude= 36.2589252

CARTONOVA Coordinates Converter (Explained):

What is CARTONOVA Coordinates Converter

Simply, this tool, is the Simplest and The Best way to converte coordinates between almost all Spatial Reference System

It's support more than 5000 projection system world wide

Our data base based on EPSG Dataset

How to use it

Coordinates are converter on 4 steps

  • 1- Choose your input projection
  • 2- Enter the coordinates
  • 3- Choose the output projection
  • 3- Convert

three more options area aviable to make this tool easy

  • 1- Geolocation button : to help you define your position
  • 2- pick a point button : to select a point on the map
  • 3- Geocoder : to search any place by name

What is EPSG Dataset

EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset (also EPSG registry) is a public registry of geodetic datums, spatial reference systems, Earth ellipsoids, coordinate transformations and related units of measurement.

The dataset is actively maintained by the IOGP Geomatics Committee. to know more about this commitee please viste theire website

The most EPSG used world wide

+ EPSG:4326 - WGS 84, latitude/longitude coordinate system based on the Earth's center of mass, used by the Global Positioning System among others.

+ EPSG:3857 - Web Mercator projection used for display by many web-based mapping tools, including Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

+ EPSG:7789 - International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2014 (ITRF2014), an Earth-fixed system that is independent of continental drift.

Finally Good Luck!

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