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You can import Txt, Dxf, Kml,GPX, or Geojson file

CARTONOVA Map Tools online (Explained):

What is Map Tools online ?

Simply, Map Tools Free, is the Simplest and The Best Alternative To Paid Map tools.


  • IT'S 100% FREE
  • Very Simple
  • Support more than 5000 projection system (epsg)
  • Combine Geolocation, Projection transformation and Map tools
  • Combine location with elevation information

what tools ?

First and before using this tools, be sure to choose the right projection system (epsg), our application support more than 5000 projection system all world wide, so select your country and your projection system

Geolocation tools

This tool lets you find any location on earth, but first, be sure to set your country and projection system, for that you can use two options

  • Enter the coordinate and press "GO" Button
  • Use Geolocation button

To use The Geolocation feature you have to :

  • httpsEnable "htpps" on your Browser
  • location_onEnable location widget on your device

Drawing tools

By this tool you can create or edit many vector features as :

  • Point
  • line or polyline
  • Polygon

In case you want to modify a drawn feature, you can use this button

To delete one feature, use this button .

If you want to remove all features at once use this one

to stop drawing press the cursor button

Measurements tools

To measure distance or area is super easy, just draw all your features and press this button, Distances and areas will be displayed right away

Our application can also provide the elevation information (and yes its all free too), Furthermore, you can display un altitude profile of a section, for that just draw a polygon or polyline the use this button to display the profile. If you want just one point altitude, simply draw a point and the altitude will be displayed

one more thing, you can export your altitude profile on csv format anytime

File management tools

This application lets you, import your files to visualize them or even edit them, also you can export your work to other formats

what is amazing about this application, your can export your files on any projection system, for that, be careful about the projection using when importing or exporting files

the import feature support kml, dxf, GPX, geojson and text files (More to be added very soon)

Before importing any file, please verify the projection system, except for kml and GPX files

You can export any drawing to kml, dxf, GPX, geojson and text files

When you decide to export your work, be careful about the projection system

Finally Good Luck!

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